Teeth Whitening

Dr. Parekh offers two ways to whiten your teeth. The all-new Zoom! Advanced Power – the newest form of Zoom! in-office whitening – is the name of the whitening system that whitens your teeth in the office. The procedure is all done the same day with three back-to-back, 15-minute whitening treatments. We have seen dramatic results with a color improvement of up to 11 shades. It is great for the patient who wants to whiten very quickly. As an added service, we provide each Zoom! Whitening patient with custom trays, so you can maintain your new white smile and even touch it up in the future for those special occasions when you want your teeth their whitest.

Take-home whitening is still available for those wishing to whiten their teeth using teeth whitening trays. This is a slower process than Zoom! Advanced Power, but it is great for patients who want to whiten their teeth and time is not an issue. We will help guide you to the whitening system that is best for you

What patients are saying about Dr. Parekh...

Awesome Dr.!!!!

"She's wonderful and very knowledgeable and always greets patients with a smile. i had to visit Dr. Parekh as an emergency patient and she had no problems fitting me in her busy schedule. I highly recommend Dr. Parekh for Sugar Land/Stafford/Missouri City residents..."

Super Fast Service….

"I was in need of a dentist who could see me for an emergency. She was not only able to see me quickly she was also able to treat me the same day. She was very patient and gentle. I will be sure to come back for a complete exam"

Amazing Experience!

"Prior to my visit, I had visited three other dentists in Sugar Land/First Colony, and all of them were poor compared to this practice in terms of quality, service, and price. Dr. Parekh has a really gentle chairside manner and it is so refreshing to be with a skilled and sensitive dentist that isn't trying to upsell all of this treatment that you probably don't need..."

Great Dentist!

"Great dentist, great bedside manner. I was looking for a new dentist and started coming here and am glad I did. This office also has a great deal on teeth whitening that I plan to pursue. Welcome to the area Dr. Parekh!!!"